“Insight Out – Insights into the Weissenhofestate”,
an evening with a pop-up Common Kitchen

Fri, June 30th, 2023
“Insight Out – Insights into the Weissenhof estate”, an evening with a pop-up Common Kitchen around the Hermann-Lenz-Höhe

An event of: Freunde der Weissenhofsiedlung e.V.

5 – 9 pm

The temporary walk-in installation „Was bleibt? Was kommt? Was geht?“is surrounded by set tables. Members of the “Matriarchal Communal Kitchen” (“Matriarchale Volksküche”) serve food and create a setting for exciting dinner conversations. The focus is on the kitchen, a place of central importance at any home.

While eating and drinking together, short presentations/talks will give impulses for the conversations. What makes a kitchen a good kitchen? Which ideas did the designers realize in the houses of the Weissenhof estate? What memories come to your mind, if you think of kitchens?

Bring along something you associate with kitchens. An object, a picure, or anything else you would like to tell a story about. From the design of your dream-kitchen, old contruction plans to the ladle of your grandmother: there are no boudaries of what to bring along. Your object will be handed around and displayed during the evening.

Location: Hermann-Lenz-Höhe (opposite of Birkenwaldstr. 217), 70191 Stuttgart
limited number of participants: If you are niterested, please register by June 26th, 2023, at the following address: ibakontaktstelle@freunde-weissenhof.de
Cost: Free food, drinks against payment
Bring along: A kitchen picture or another item including a story