a kick-off event near the Weissenhof Estate

Fri, June 23rd, 2023, 4– 8 pm
„Outsight in – view from the Weissenhof estate into the region”

Opeing of an Installation on the Hermann-Lenz-Höhe near the Weissenhof Estate
One of the kick-off events of the IBA’27-Festival #1, organized by Freunde der Weissenhofsiedlung e.V. and IBA´27


4 – 6 pm:
IBA-housing projects introduce themselves

The first IBA´27-Festival is starting– and we are joining at the Weissenhof Estate!

The Weissenhof Estate (Weissenhofsiedlung) is one of the most important examples of “Neues Bauen” (“New Objectivity” or “New Building”) in the history of architecture. It was part of a building exhibition held by Deutscher Werkbund together with the city of Stuttgart in 1927.

About 100 years later, the IBA´27 starts it’s first IBA´27-festival exactly here: Architects from seven IBA housing projects present their ideas and plans for living today. And thus build a bridge from the past to the future.

Under trees and the open sky, scaffolding, printed truck tarpuiles and huge red letters, visible from afar, attract people’s attention. The tower is a signal for the IBA´27. You can walk inside the installation and experience it – and at the opening event you can grab a drink and speak with architects of several IBA-projects.

Those involved in the projects are on site and will present and discuss their work with some organizers of the IBA´27, Friends of the Weissenhof Estate and the audience: What is left of the ideas of “New Building”? What differences and parallels are there between yesterday and today? And how can the Weissenhof Estate, an inhabited monument, be developed for the future?

Location: Hermann-Lenz-Höhe (opposite of Birkenwaldstr. 217), 70191 Stuttgart

IBA projects which are presented: Quartier am Rotweg, Quartier Böckinger Straße, Quartier C1, Tobias-Mayer-Quartier, KaepseLE-Goldäcker, Zukunft Münster 2050, Leben in der Vorstadt (Schorndorf), 1927-heute-2027 (Weiterentwicklung Weissenhofsiedlung)

Moderation: Grazyna Adamczyk-Arns (IBA´27), Dr. Raquel Jaureguízar (IBA´27), Suse Kletzin (Freunde)


starting at 6 pm:
Art events alsongside the Gaucherstraße

A green, overgrowm path winds its way from the Hermann-Lenz-Höhe to the Wagenhallen through alotment gardens. A group of performance artists of the Wagenhallen (Florian Feisel) will perform the walking-act “bipolare Nagetierbegleitung”.

Located at the container city of Wagenhallen you can let the evening come to an end with the performance Festival „Performing the Others“ from Martina Wegener.


More IBA’27-Festival#1 kick-off events:

starting at 2 pm: GroundBreaking Stadtgarten
starting at 8.30 pm: Opening of the IBA’27-Festivalzentrale